Jet Ski & Boat Licence - Gold Coast

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Boat and Jetski Licence Course COMBO

*$390 + GST



Boat Licence (RMDL) Online Course

Having Is Living!

Create more ME time. Call me if you don't understand what that means.

  • Do the theory course online.
  • Book in with me to complete the theory assessment and the on water training and practical assessment.

Simple isn't it. Small groups help you relax and have more fun on the day. Watch your confidence boost immediately.

Jet Ski Licence (PWC) Online Course

Feel it! Have it! Live it!

Refresh your mind on which side to pass the markers and the rules of the road. Take the time to understand how your ski moves through the water.

  • Do the theory course online.
  • Book in with me to complete the theory assessment and the on water training and practical assessment.


Boat & Jet Ski Licence Online Course

You choose!
Your Adventure!

 Do it once not twice. 

  • Do the theory course online.
  • Book in with me to complete the theory assessment and the on water practical training and assessment for both the boat and jetski licence.

Explore the waters of the Gold Coast. Take your jetski fishing. Waterskiing with mates. Tow in surfing. Romantic rides up the coast. Dreamy.


Practical Assessment: 
Recreational Marine Driver Licence

Practical Assessment:
Personal Watercraft Licence


The Boat and jet ski licence course timings are regulated by The Department of Transport and Main Roads.

To get a marine licence in Queensland you need to be 16 years old.

Please can you fill out the Medical Disclosure Statement before the course date.

The objective is to complete all the assessments successfully at the highest standard. Should you have any LLN learning difficulties, please let me know in advance so I can accommodate you. I am here to help and I can help you with the reading of the theory assessment and writing if you need.

If  English is not your first language, arrangements  can be made to accommodate this.

I encourage you to practise driving the boat and jetski with a licenced skipper before arriving at the BoatSafe course-you may not be competent in driving in just one day. If a student requires additional practice or training prior to completion of the practical assessment, you will be provided with this opportunity as appropriate. The practical training video  (above) explains what will be expected of you on the day.

Once you are deemed competent, you will be issued with a Statement of Competency. This is not a licence to drive. You need to take the SOC to the Dep of Trans Customer Service Centre and hand the paperwork in before you are legally allowed to drive.

The course may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather. You will be advised.

All students are to adhere to all safety briefings carried out by the trainer. All students must respect and show respect to fellow students and members of the public. Students must not intimidate, abuse, insult and harass students or former students.

Any grievance or complaints need to be done in writing.  Please contact us for more information regarding the payment and refund policy.

20 Years plus on the water. I have been faced with all types of scary crossing the world's oceans. Crazy weather, crazy big sea. Reaction time critical. With my experiences and qualification as an accredited  BoatSafe trainer through MSQ and Yachtmaster Offshore, it's up to me to pass that onto you.

Where to find the information should you need it will minimize potential boat bust-ups.

EXTRAS - Trailers and reversing giving you a headache. Lets arrange a time to catch up and practice.

Keeping up to date online at

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Practical Assessment: