ONLINE COURSES - Boat and Jetski Licence

Boat Licence (RMDL) Online Course

Having Is Living!

Create more ME time. Call me if you don't understand what that means

The boat course includes 

Call me to book a day to complete your

I encourage you to practice driving the boat with another licenced skipper before arriving at the BoatSafe course - you may not be competent in driving the boat in just one day. I offer training sessions if you don't have friends or family with boats that you can practise on. The training sessions should be in the same way that a new driver would engage with a car driving instructor.

Some of he activities you should practice are:

Small groups help you relax and have more fun on the day. Watch your confidence boost immediately.


Jet Ski Licence (PWC) Online Course

Feel it! Have it! Live it!

Refresh your mind on what the markers mean and the rules of the road. Take the time to understand how your ski moves through the water.

The Jet ski Licence course includes

Call me to book a day to complete your practical training and assessment.


Look out for sand banks.  Reduce the risk of hitting anyone or anyone running into you. 

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER ride is the next step. BUM ON SEAT TIME is what you need. Ask me when you book.


BOAT & JET SKI  Online Course

You choose! Your Adventure!

 Do it once not twice. 

Explore the waters of the Gold Coast. Take your jetski fishing. Waterskiing with mates. Tow in surfing. Romantic rides up the coast. Dreamy.